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Busch Gardens

Virginia Theme Park

Busch Gardens, one of the country’s most-visited theme parks, is less than an hour away from a room at Sundial Inn! The drive is well worth the many different rides and attractions you can see during a visit with your family.

Busch Gardens rollercoasterThe park is notable for its special layout which represents different countries in Old-Europe style: for example, the Scotland area features a Loch-Ness monster roller coaster.

Apart from high-intensity coasters and other thrill rides, there are also opportunities for smaller children to join in the fun on the Elmo’s Spire and teacup rides. The park also has an animal conservation section for species like the Bald Eagle, and several animal-related shows.

Be sure to make the Virginia Beach amusement park Busch Gardens part of your schedule when you stay at Sundial Inn, one of the best VA Beach motels!

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