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Transportation, Groceries & More

In addition to outlining things to do in Virginia Beach during your visit, you may want to find the closest local resources to make your stay even more pleasant. We’ve included some local information below to assist in creating a seamless vacation when you stay with us in Virginia Beach. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or see the front desk!


At less than a mile from the Sundial Inn, Harris Teeter at 2800 Arctic Avenue is our visitors' closest option for groceries, meat and fish. A Starbucks, Redbox kiosk and ATM are also located on-site.

Other options for specialty and organic foods include:

  • Farm Fresh - 521 Laskin Road (1 mile from the Inn)
  • Heritage Natural Market - 984 Laskin Road
  • Whole Foods - 1800 Laskin Road


Hampton Roads Transit offers bus routes throughout Virginia Beach, plus a shuttle that runs along the oceanfront. You can find more information on their site, or use Google Maps to plan your route. You can pay the fare for each ride, or obtain bus passes at Harris Teeter or through the Transit website.

There are also a number of taxi services in the area to choose from, including:

Child CareChild Care

Although they tend to specialize in preschool-like educational programs, there are a few daycare centers in Virginia Beach that are also open for drop-in appointments.


  • Barr's Rexall Pharmacy - 201 Virginia Beach Blvd. / (757) 428-1211
  • HospitalWalgreens - 2400 Atlantic Ave.
  • Beach Pharmacy - 501 Laskin Road / (757) 965-3038


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